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Ian House Opeth fans will love the swings between melodic and brutal on this progressive death metal album. Favorite track: Lacrimosa.
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Lacrimosa is a concept album about a vagabond and a lost love through death.


released June 30, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Gerwitz at Vagabond Studios between the months of January and June 2014.
Additional leads and solos by Kevin Gramza (Bereavement, Vagabond, In The Absence Of Light) and Jim Gerwitz (Where Silent Ghosts Wept)
Artwork by Autumn McGee
Logo by Jim Gerwitz

Eira is:
Tom Gerwitz - Guitars/Vocals
Derek Schultz - Bass



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Eira Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Footprints In The Falling Snow
I open my eyes once again
The falling snow has returned
Exhaling, cold breath in the air
Winter has again befallen us

The trees weep and hang their limbs
Branches heavy 'neath the snow
Sheets of ice cover the land

The night has fallen
I walk through this graveyard of trees
Devoid of life
There is only falling snow

Decrepit faces
Smiling through the frozen cracks
Devoid of life
When will there be more than snow

Footprints in the falling snow
Of those who left me long ago

Where have I been after all this time
A vagabond under the deliquescent moon
I have seen only the fading footprints
Covered by the constant falling snow

Snow blinding and twisting my sight
Showing me what I have lost
And I saw my steadfast fading elation
I have nowhere to go

Slipping through the cracks
All that I desire
When will I return

My skin is pale
My eyes set on the horizon
Drifting.. slowly through the snow
My heart is cold
Going where I do not know
We have a long way to go..
Track Name: Three Candles
Oceans, blue, in your eyes
Swimming with the life I so crave
Her waters warm, they slowly rock
And carries the vessel that is “I”

I had stopped for no one
There had been none to cross my path
I searched the mountains; snowy and dry
And yet beauty seldom caught my eye..

Three candles, they stand ablaze
Resting on the table by the window
I can feel a breeze upon my skin..
Will the flames flicker, or will they die

Oceans, blue, within your eyes
The heart of night is coming nigh
Within my mind, you shall reside
Will you free me from this prison of “I”
Track Name: Bereavement
A day in the forest
The trees they hang like souls
Dripping from the dead
And coldness lingers on

Her breath lingered in the air
And then it was no more
I can't see where I'm going
I don't know where I came from

The trees are dead
Death in the soil
Their roots suck the nectar
Of bereavement

Soothing colors fade to the night
Fading, drifting nowhere in the night
Midnight fading
Moonlight waning now

And so you left me
My body was numb
My soul was lost without you
Waiting 'neath the frozen trees

Yet fate would as it seems
Weave a solemn tale
When I opened my eyes
Fate had left me with nothing

Soothing colors fade to the night
Fading, drifting nowhere in the night

Midnight fading
Moonlight waning now
In the cold I wait for you
Waiting with the trees

The call of winter
Fading from my grasp
The air was cold and dark
The night that I lost you

In this night she fought
A shred of doubt
And in the night I thought
I saw you rot
But hope would find me yet
A silver thread
And in this night I saw
My love wearing black
Track Name: Flicker
I've lost it all
The fading sun
Setting on this
This eternal night..

As if worn like a mask
Her eyes were a pale shade of grey
But now the colors fade away
And the illusion dissolves

I was swathed in despair..
Like a curtain blocking out the light
I hid away
My flame flickered in the night

Devoid of mirth
I stand here in my loneliness
In the night the trees lay still
And nothing changes

I long for you..
..for your caress
I long for the warmth of your breath on my neck
Track Name: Vagabond
The mist comes down
Its presence is like death
Dripping from my soul
The tears of a world unknown

The days are numbered
A single shard of what once was
Stained with the blood of another
Hollow eyes stare from a distance

Whispering voices
I hear them speaking [of me]
Let them speak
They shall receive nothing

Looking through my soul
The image of my torment
Reflecting on myself
The loss of my elation

I know this is useless
They know nothing of me
Their thoughts are like plagues in the air
I am a cancer, a courier of death

I'll never understand who I am
And where I am going
A reflection in the water
A ripple is all I am
Track Name: Where Silent Ghosts Wept
As I walk through these autumn days
I feel the bite of winter on its way
These days all seem to fade away..
Vanishing into the darkness from which they came
I know this time the poison is seeping
I know its coursing through my cold dark veins
There is a darkness that is closing in
There is an answer that I am waiting for

Only death awaits..
Its open arms are all I seek
Let death surround me
Eternal sleep sounds so..

There is a reason I do not grieve
When you are not the one that I bereave
I feel like nothing ever changes
There is only an endless night
And in the morning there will be no sunrise
I know I will soon take everything
There is a reason I do not dream
When life is the nightmare unseen

Only death awaits..
Its open arms are all I seek
Let death surround me
Eternal sleep sounds so..

Quickly losing my sense of self
In a time where silent ghosts wept
Clinging to my hopeless plight
I'm losing control

The coldness in my heart has not yet withered
And darkness came
Fleeting emotions and lasting conflictions
Of my dampened soul

Only death awaits
Its open arms are all I seek
Let death surround me
Eternal sleep sounds so sweet
Track Name: In The Absence Of Light
When love fades
Was it truly ever there?
Withered like my soul that day
When all color seemed to fade away
Crestfallen, standing in my loneliness
When will the echo fade..

Pale eyes
I wander without a soul
Standing in your ashes
Oceans blue no more

Never saw the morning rise
You were nothing but lies
A cunning disguise
I saw nothing in your eyes

As sorrow escaped from my lips
Her silent ghost did vanish
And I saw only her fading footprints
In the falling snow

Another night has befallen us
You lay awake in the night
A voice is heard in the absence of light
Persuading you to go

Thrice have you left into the dark
Ever wandering through the halls
The curtain of night would not rise
The veil of darkness unbound

This is the reason I turned my eye
You never saw the morning rise
The night was all you ever knew
And death was the voice that was calling for you
Track Name: Lacrimosa
A cold wind blows at night
Silence covers what used to be elation
Peering into absent light
Where love once was

Roses withered in the cold
Endless moonlit nights
Winter of the soul
Winter of fleeing affection

I lay here with my thoughts
My kingdom of despair
Broken stone and eroded faces
Faces of affection lost

Summer came and left
Bringing autumn in its wake
The autumn of falling leaves
And color that embraced me
But coldness did collapse me
Swathed in fading hues
And vibrant color fled
Exiled from the blue

Cold in my heart
Gazing on the memory of my fractured soul
Cold in my arms
You're lifeless, yet going home

Black is the setting sun
I've taken everything that you've ever loved
Black is the soul
This is your lacrimosa